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Alpine Ecosystems Research Initiative of Alaska (AERIAL)


Statement of Purpose

AERIAL is a science-based, multi-agency working group whose functions are to:


The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) and Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) are the forming a research group to stimulate collaborative and multi-disciplinary research in the alpine/subalpine zone of Southeast Alaska, as well as explore the impacts of climate change in this zone. Whereas the arctic has traditionally received the bulk of attention in high-latitude systems, especially with the growing context of climate change (Post et al., 2009), there are unexplored parallels and important distinctions between arctic and alpine systems that merit attention; yet there has been little research focus and synthesis of knowledge about alpine ecosystems in the region.

Because so little is currently known about the alpine/subalpine zone in Southeast Alaska, the near-term goalsof the group are to convene and:

The 2 longer term goals and products we hope to develop with the group are:


Karen Blejwas, ADFG-Nongame Program, 907-465-4328,

Sanjay Pyare, UAS, Environmental Sciences and Geography Program,

Kevin White, ADFG-Wildife Conservation, 907-465-4102,